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About Nic Pizzolatto's Galveston

Scribner (2010)

From the book jacket: Recalling the moody violence of the early novels of Cormac McCarthy and Denis Johnson, a dark and visceral debut set along the seedy wastelands of Galveston by a young writer with a hard edge to his potent literary style.

"Galveston, in its authenticity and fearless humanism, recalls only the finest examples of the form: Jacques Tourneur’s “Out of the Past” and David Goodis’s “Down There,” Carl Franklin’s “One False Move” and James Ellroy’s “Black Dahlia.” — Dennis Lehane, author of Moonlight Mile, Mystic River, and Gone, Baby Gone

"Galveston is a haunting and haunted tale, beautifully rendered, an uncommonly well written thriller moving in its descriptions of people struggling to escape the gravity of the past amid a ruinous landscape." — Kem Nunn, author of Tijuana Straights

"Galveston is an assured debut full of hard truths, a throwback novel that ends up shouldering the noir genre forward." — Chuck Hogan, author of Devils in Exile and Prince of Thieves

"[A] taut first novel suffused with a strong noir sensibility... a fine crime-fiction debut." — Booklist

"Nic Pizzolatto's beautiful, lucid prose seems to flow like water or like music. He know how to write in the marrow of his bones. This will be the first of many brilliant books. Hooray for talent, that rare and lovely gift of the gods." — Ellen Gilchrist, author of Victory Over Japan and Nora Jane

"... a carefully crafted work shrouded in dark Southern landscapes." — Time Out Chicago


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Prix du Premier Roman

Galveston was awarded the Prix du Premier Roman (Best First Novel, Foreign) by the French academy.

Galveston finalist for Barnes and Noble Discover Award

Galveston was one of three fiction finalists for the 2010 Barnes and Noble Discover Prize.

Edgar Awards

Galveston was a finalist for the 2010 Edgar Award for Best First Novel.

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Galveston was selected in the Fall 2010 Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers picks. Read more »

Dennis Lehane reviews Galveston in the New York Times Book Review

‘An often incandescent fever dream of low-rent, unbearable beauty’.
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Times-Picayune: ‘Of hurricanes, hitmen and love among the ruined’

“At its core, Galveston is a story of discovery, of finding—at long last—love." Read more »